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My name is Aaron Tyrrell and I am a Lecturer at Texas Tech University. Before this I was a Research Associate at the University of Texas at Dallas; working with Professor Stephen McKeown. I finished my Ph.D. in 2021 at the University of Notre Dame under the supervision of Professor Matthew Gursky. My thesis was titled Renormalized Volume and Area. I began my current position at TTU in September 2022.

My research interests lie primarily in an area of geometric analysis that is connected to the holographic study of conformal geometry initiated by Fefferman and Graham. I am particularly interested in renormalized volume and area. A project I am currently working on with Professor Stephen McKeown involves applying scattering theory to cornered asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds in order to define conformally invariant boundary operators.

I am also passionate about teaching. I believe in carefully planned lectures that present material in a way that includes the students in a process of discovery. I want the students to feel confident that they can see how one might come up with these ideas. I believe in “practice makes perfect” along with patience, encouragement, and a positive attitude. I also make an effort to be approachable and friendly towards my students. This allows me to get ahead of any issues that the students might be having and creates an environment conducive to learning. 

I am one of the organizers for the Fall 2022 Texas Tech University Math Circle. More information can be found here:



When I’m not working I usually enjoy weightlifting, book-reading, or day-trips with my wife Katie.

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